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Cloud-native, real-time, unified logs and metrics analytics platform.

Provider Summary (v23.04.00143)
total services: 32
total methods: 267
total resources: 150
total selectable resources: 83

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To pull the latest version of the sumologic provider, run the following command:

REGISTRY PULL sumologic;

To view previous provider versions or to pull a specific provider version, see here.


The following system environment variables are used for authentication by default:

These variables are sourced at runtime (from the local machine or as CI variables/secrets).

Using different environment variables

To use different environment variables (instead of the defaults), use the --auth flag of the stackql program. For example:

AUTH='{ "sumologic": { "type": "basic", "username_var": "YOUR_SUMOLOGIC_ACCESS_ID_VAR", "password_var": "YOUR_SUMOLOGIC_ACCESS_KEY_VAR" }}'
stackql shell --auth="${AUTH}"

or using PowerShell:

$Auth = "{ 'sumologic': { 'type': 'basic', 'username_var': 'YOUR_SUMOLOGIC_ACCESS_ID_VAR', 'password_var': 'YOUR_SUMOLOGIC_ACCESS_KEY_VAR' }}"
stackql.exe shell --auth=$Auth

Server Parameters

The following parameter is required for the sumologic provider if you are not using the us2 region:

  • region - The SumoLogic regional endpoint (e.g. au, ca, de, eu, fed, in, jp)

This parameter would be supplied to the WHERE clause of each SELECT statement if you are not usign the us2 region.